NH Small Libraries Summit: Friday, April 16th, 2010

2010 Small Libraries Summit

On behalf of the New Hampshire Library Association and the New Hampshire State Library, I would like to announce a special new event for librarians from communities of 3,000 or fewer residents. We’re calling it the Small Libraries Summit and it is being held on Friday, April 16th, 2010.

The Summit will be different from other NHLA conferences in a couple of ways. First, it is an invite-only event. We are exclusively inviting librarians from the smallest communities in NH, and only if there is room left over will librarians from larger communities be allowed to attend.

Second, thanks to the financial support of the New Hampshire Library Association, the cost of the Summit will only be $10 and that includes a full day of professional development opportunities as well as lunch and a few snacks or drinks.

Third, all of the panelists at the Summit will be limited to 5-10 minutes. The remaining time for each session will be reserved for open group discussion. Also, all of the presenters will be from libraries in small communities or will be intimately familiar with issues faced by these libraries. In other words, you won’t be hearing from someone who has a staff of 40 people, a multimillion dollar budget and dedicated technology support staff!

NHLA, with the tremendous assistance of the New Hampshire State Library, has specifically designed and funded this event because we want librarians from small communities to know that they are just as important to the profession as librarians from better funded libraries or larger communities.

If you were not invited to the event, don't give up all hope of attending. After the invited librarians have a chance to respond to the invitiation, we will then open up the event to librarians from larger communities, as space permits. So stay tuned.

Steve Butzel
NHLA, past-President

Small Libraries Summit Conference Schedule

Registration & Coffee

New Hampshire Labor Law

Creating a Welcoming Library

Lunch & Networking

You’re Not Alone


Session Descriptions

Labor Law

Cynthia Flynn from the New Hampshire Department of Labor will discuss labor law as it pertains to small public libraries, including the use of volunteers. There will be time to ask questions.


Creating a Welcoming Library: Turning People into Patrons

Did you know that the first 30 seconds someone spends in the library is crucial? Learn what you can do to make people feel comfortable in the library and keep them coming back!



You’re Not Alone

Running a small library is no easy task! Learn how small public libraries are working together to share resources, present activities and develop programs. This session will also cover the free resources available to you from the NH State Library.



Activities Throughout the Day

Children’s Book Review
This is an opportunity to preview new children’s and teen titles -- and bring a couple of titles back to your library.

Book Swap
Swap your lightly-used donations that you don’t need in your collection. Bring one or two new, unmarked books to the conference and swap them for something you


Event Registration

If you have already received our invitation (which was sent out on the State Van and through the postal mail,) please send back your registration form and a $10 check to the address listed below by February 26th to guarantee a spot at the Summit.


New Hampshire State Library
c/o Bobbi Lee Slossar
20 Park Street
Concord, NH 03301


As of March 5th, librarians from slightly larger communities will be welcome to download the event registration form and submit it. We will add a link to the registration form right here on March 5th.


If you think you should have received an invitation from us but didn't, contact Bobbi Slossar, and she will look into it.