Libraries Shine in 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 Session Three Program

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Beyond Google: Searching the Deep Web

Louise Buckley, Associate Professor/Reference Librarian, UNH Dimond Library

While Google may be the best–known place to search for information online and a prime go–to tool for most librarians, there are other search engines and websites that can be helpful as well. We'll explore some of these in this session and suggest resources for keeping up with these options.


Indomitable Pioneers: The Hidden History of New Hampshire

D. Quincy Whitney, Journalist & Author

Hidden in the cracks and crevices of the Granite State are the stories of pioneers who pursued their passions and created unique historic legacies, many of which are "firsts in the nation" – the "Bird Man" who took his cause to the White House; the newspaperman who put a newspaper on top of a mountain; the most prominent magazine editor in the nation; the first Indian school; the first medical X–Ray; the first war memorial dedicated to women; the oldest Shaker Meeting house framed in one day, in silence; and the family who repaired and took care of the Old Man for three generations. Sixty stories and hundreds of themes ranging from sports and politics; maritime history and women's history; the environment and the space program!

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If the volume level is low at first, don't worry. Once the introductions are over and the speakers begin talking, the volume increases.

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Assertiveness: What to Do Right When Things Go Wrong

William C. Brown, Counselor & Life Coach, Cornerstone Institute

Make potential conflicts with colleagues, supervisors, or the public into win–win situations. You can get what you need – or want – without fight or flight by practicing the skills presented here.

Redesigning and Launching a New Website with a Content Management System

Mary White, Director, Howe Library
Pamela Soren Smith, Systems Librarian, Howe Library

In 2008 Howe Library launched a new website and web catalog. Mary White and Pamela Soren Smith will discuss the year–long process of planning for and implementing their new website and content management system.


Digital Recording

If the volume level is low at first, don't worry. Once the introductions are over and the speakers begin talking, the volume increases.

Gaming Demo

Beth Gallaway, Library Consultant/Trainer, Information Goddess Consulting

What does gaming have to do with literacy? What is the average age of the gamer? Where do you go for game reviews? What's a Wii? How do you play Guitar Hero? What does World of Warcraft look like? Come and try handheld, computer and console gaming in a low pressure, hands–on environment. Test your knowledge of gaming with a video game quiz (prizes for correct answers!), browse videogame magazines, and pick up handouts on game ratings, circulating games, hosting game free play and tournament events, and other resources.

Telling Tales Together: Fun with Literacy Skills

Olga Morrill, Program Coordinator/Youth Services, Conway Public Library

Sitting in a circle, Olga shares two simple stories using animal puppets and props. Then the group retells each tale, capturing the expressions and attitudes of the animals, using the puppets/props, repeating any rhyming phraseology and/or songs, and basically following the plot line. The workshop has been successful (and fun!) with a wide variety of ages and in several different venues. The format is easily reproduced and can be adapted as part of a regular story time or as a special program at schools or libraries.