Libraries Shine in 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 Session Four Program

Please consult the program brochure provided for you on the day of the conference for final program details.

Education in Exile: Literacy Instruction in a Tibetan Refugee Community in the Himalayas

Carolyn Gamtso, Associate Professor/Library Specialist, UNH Manchester Library

When His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet was forced to flee his homeland in 1959, he settled in Dharamsala, a hill station in the Himalayan foothills of northern India. Dharamsala is now the center of a vibrant Tibetan refugee community. It is the seat of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and home to thousands of Tibetans who have escaped political and religious oppression in their homeland and followed their leader into exile. In 2007, UNH Manchester librarian, Carolyn Gamtso, spent a six-month sabbatical living and working in Dharamsala, where she taught English to Tibetan refugees and experienced firsthand the beauty of their ancient, rich, and tragically threatened culture. Join Carolyn for a discussion of her adventures in India, where she braved monsoon downpours –and roaming livestock– to get to language class; learned about the rules of cricket from sports–crazy monks; studied Buddhist philosophy with a respected lama; and discovered that ultimately her Tibetan students were the true teachers.

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If the volume level is low at first, don't worry. Once the introductions are over and the speakers begin talking, the volume increases.

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Roundtable: Library Directors

Joe Dionne, Library Director, Nashua Public Library
Randy Brough, Library Director, Laconia Public Library

This roundtable discussion group is a favorite with NHLA participants and topics are always different.

Roundtable: Information Technology Section

Steve Butzel, Assistant Director, Portsmouth Public Library

A gathering for all NHLA-ITS members to exchange stories of what they are doing with information technology in their libraries, and to plan for roundtables and quarterly drop-in meetings in the year ahead. The results of the section's elections will also be announced during this session. Most importantly, we will celebrate our section's successful first year. Attendees are encouraged to bring with them whatever tech gadgets they own and would be willing to share with others.

Running Productive Writing Groups

Karen Desrosiers, Freelance Writer

This workshop will look at tips for organizing and running different types of writing groups. Learn how to manage the details of size, logistics, feedback, and the impact of group diversity, while facilitating an active and productive writing group.

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If the volume level is low at first, don't worry. Once the introductions are over and the speakers begin talking, the volume increases.

Great Stone Face Tea

Adele Boeske, Children's Librarian, Derry Public Library
Luci Albertson, Children's Librarian, Bedford Public Library
Susan MacDonald, Children's Librarian, Weeks Public Library

Which title won the 2009 Great Stone Face Book Award? Come to the Great Stone Face Tea and find out. You will also hear book talks on all of the 2009-2010 nominated books.

Isinglass Nominees for 2009/Flume Nominees for 2010

Amy Inglis, Director, Barrington Public Library
Sally Nelson, Assistant Director, Leach Library

This program will consist of book talks for the new Isinglass Teen Read list and the 2010 Flume Nominees. We will also discuss ways to promote the reading list, set up voting within your town and schools, and how your community can participate in creating next year's list! We'll explore the Isinglass website and resources it contains and talk about how you might be able to host an author acceptance award ceremony in your town or school.