Confidentiality of Library Users

At the April 15, 2003 NHLA Board Meeting, the Board unanimously approved this statement:
On Thursday, March 20, 2003, HB 710-FN-L, relative to the confidentiality of library user records, was voted inexpedient to legislate by the House Committee on Children and Family Law. As part of an agreement reached with the bill's sponsor, the Executive Board of the New Hampshire Library Association is launching a campaign to remind our members of the importance of educating parents and guardians regarding the rights and responsibilities conferred with the issuance of library cards to minor children. It is crucial that our members convey to parents how the policy of the individual library and the relevant state statute (RSA Chapter 201-D:11) will affect records created by the use of the card. Parents and guardians can then make informed decisions pertaining to their family's use of the library. We recommend to our members that they make available to parents and guardians hard copies of both their library's registration policy and the text of RSA Chapter 201-D:11.

Sample handouts:

If your library has such a handout, please send it to the Website Coordinator and it will be posted here.