Statement on the Children's Internet Protection Act

New Hampshire Library Association
Intellectual Freedom Committee

The Chair of the NH Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee issued the following statement on 29 December 2000:

"The Intellectual Freedom Committee of the New Hampshire Library Association views with grave concern the recent passage of H.R. 4577, otherwise known as the "Children's Internet Protection Act". We encourage every Librarian to read the Act, which may be found at:

and to keep up to date with regards to the issues involved.

If you are interested in seeing how your favorite Senators and Representatives voted on this issue, you can do so at these two sites:*

It is still early on in the process. Word on the street has it that the ACLU will be challenging this in court, as will the ALA. It is not sure if they will be joining forces or operating separately. There probably will be an injunction issued prior to the implementation date (which appears to be 120 days after December 15, 2000 if I understand the process correctly).

The NHLA-IFC will endeavor to closely monitor the situation. At some point in the future, after we acquire more information and should it be required, we will issue a statement with a recommendation for action by the NH Library Community. Until then, we welcome any and all input. You may e-mail the Committee at or you may call Elizabeth (Buffie) Heath at the Seabrook Library (603.474.2044) with questions or comments."


*(note from NHSL: It is important to remember that the "CIPA" was only a small portion of a much larger bill which included major budget items and other provisions.)

January 2001